Dr. Mark W. Rocha, Ph.D., M.Engr.

Why Wisdom Squared and why now?  Wisdom is not the possession of an individual, but rather a creative act of collaboration.  The master American poet, Walt Whitman, said, "Great poetry requires great readers."  Meaningful, purposeful, gentle and self-deprecating conversation is one of the great joys of life--and one of the prerequisites for wisdom.  Indeed, such conversation is wisdom itself.  The experience of uplifting conversation is needed more than ever today,  in this time of  raised voices and mere cant.



Running Your College

Practical leadership and strategy for enrolling and graduating more students, raising more money and having more fun.

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Building Your College

$100 Million just doesn't go as far as it used to.  Here's how to create and build a master facilities plan that will take your college through this century.

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Living Your Life

"Poetry helps you to live your life" --Wallace Stevens.
Here's where you can find the "Best of Mark" essays, his August Wilson scholarship, favorite reads and even sports chatter.

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